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Sell your property in Spain with us

Would you like to sell your property in Spain in a professional way? We're here to help.
With Terranova Real Estate you have the right partner by your side.
After we have recorded your property, we will inform you about the real market value of your home,
of course you can tell us your price that you want to achieve. 
We photograph your object or, if you like, we use your pictures, create an exposé in our office
and present your property on various of the largest Internet portals worldwide.
Our web page has been successfully placed in all major search engines.
Furthermore, your Exposé gets a window seat in our office at the harbor,
which is heavily frequented by prospective buyers of the entire coast.
By working with other 400 brokers and partner offices in a shared portal,
we can offer your property efficiently. After we have found the right customer for your property,
we organize all necessary documents, prepare the contracts with your lawyer / notary,
take care of the electricity, water, gas and community changes of ownership.
Our commission is only due in the case of a sale through our office, so only in case of success.
According to the motto: no sale - no brokerage. We do not charge any fees or prepayments
for any advertising costs, etc. We would like to inform you in a personal conversation about
our sales methods and our commissions.
As 400 of the largest real estate agencies have access to our listed properties,
it is not mandatory for sellers to hire various brokers who may offer different prices,
which is not conducive to selling a property.


Selling Form

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Worth knowing about costs and taxes when selling a property


If you intend to sell your property in Spain, as the owner, you must be aware that there are also some
costs for you. Below is an overview of the costs you have to consider as a seller. We will gladly provide you with a complete calculation of the costs incurred in a personal conversation,so that you do not have to experience any unpleasant surprises after selling your property.

Value Added Tax (Impuesto sobre incremento de Patrimonio de la venta de un bien inmueble)

If you sell your property in Spain at a profit, you will have to pay a capital gains tax in Spain.
This tax is officially known as the Impuesto sobre Incremento de Patrimonio de la Venta de Bien Inmeuble.
With this tax, it is important to know if the owner is resident or non-resident in Spain. In some cases,the seller is exempt from this tax.

How is the capital gains tax calculated?

The profit is the difference between the selling price and the price at which you bought the house yourself. On the former purchase price is a price inflation credited. Inflation takes place through official tables of the Spanish government. From the balance may then be deducted some costs, such as attorney’s fees and brokerage fees, as well as remodeling and renovation costs.

Value added tax for residents:

21% at 0 € to 6,000 € 25% at 6,000 € to 24,000 € 27% at over € 24,000

The tax is offset against the income tax. You must pay the tax in the year the property was sold.

Value added tax for non-residents:

Non-residents pay 21% tax on the profit on sale. If a non-resident sells a property in Spain, 3% of the selling price will be retained by default as value added tax.

Due to the Spanish real estate crisis, only a few people make a profit from the sale of their property.
Within 3 months after you have sold your property in Spain, you can claim a refund for overpaid value
added tax. By means of a so-called 210 form you can submit an application to the responsible tax office
(Delegación de Hacienda). The Spanish tax will then pay back the overpayment in the next fiscal year. As a non-resident,
you should appoint a Spanish lawyer or a Spanish resident as a fiscal representative in this case.


You do not need to pay any capital gains tax in the following cases:

If you buy a new property in Spain with the proceeds from the sale.
1. The prerequisite is that you have been living in your current home for at least three consecutive years, are a resident, and your new home is your primary residence.

2. If you are a resident and over the age of 65 and have been living in your current property for at
least three consecutive years.

Plus Valia

The Plusvalia, literally “value added”, is a municipal tax that is levied on the sale of a property.
This is calculated on the basis of the cadastral value of the property (cadastral value) and on the
basis of the number of years that the property was in your possession. In the heyday of the Spanish
real estate market, the cadastre tended to be significantly lower than the market value of the house.
After the bursting of the Spanish real estate bubble, the Spanish property valuation is often higher
than the market value. The Plusvalia is actually a tax that is levied on the value of the land on which the house stands.
The community argues that the land has increased in value as all kinds of infrastructure improvements
have been made over the years. For example, the maintenance of existing roads or the construction of
new roads, the construction and maintenance of sewers, street lighting, etc. Through the Plusvalia,
the seller contributes to these infrastructural improvements.

The amount of the Plusvalia therefore depends on the cadastral value and the period in which you had
the home ownership: The longer the period, the higher the tax. The amount of the tax can be very high.
Therefore, it is advisable for your broker or solicitor to calculate in advance how much Plusvalia you
will have to pay. In the town hall you can tell exactly how much you have to pay. As the real estate market has collapsed,
there is a possibility that you are negotiating with the community to get the lowest possible value of
your property. When creating the purchase contract you have to agree on who pays the Plusvalia, the buyer or the seller.
In the past, when the Spanish real estate market flourished, it was usually the buyer who paid Plusvalia.
Today, however, the roles are reversed and the seller pays the Plusvalia.

The Plusvalia is to be paid within 30 days after the sale of the property. You can pay at the local
council. The buyer may also request that the Plusvalia be deducted from the selling price.
This is to prevent the seller from paying Plusvalia on time. In this case, the buyer must pay Plusvalia.
Of course, it is reassuring for the buyer to know that he does not have to pay for the Plusvalia.

Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica (Energy Certificate)

The “certificado de eficiencia energetica” is also called CEE, which is an energy certificate that
indicates whether a property is energy efficient or not. The conscious certificate is identified by the
letters A to G, where A is the maximum efficiency and G the minimum efficiency. This certificate is
required for every property built before 2007.


During the audit, the energy consumption of the property is controlled in which way the energy consumption was reduced or adapted. This certificate is valid for a maximum of ten years.
The CEE should be issued by an authorized person.


No energy certificate no sale / no rental

If you want to sell or rent your property after 1 June 2014, you must have an energy certificate. If a property is sold without this certificate, the owner may be fined up to $ 6,000. In addition to the fact that you need this certificate when you sell or rent a property, this certificate must be presented to the appropriate authority in the local community where the property is located.


The cost of applying for and obtaining a CEE is between € 150 and € 300, depending on the size of the property.

We would be pleased to commission you for a technical architect who is entitled to issue a CEE.


We offer home staging on request

What's this?
Home staging adds value to your property and a service to real estate sellers!
Home Staging serves primarily to hide the look of the house without any defects! For every buyer and seller it is easier to buy / sell a property as it was seen.
In this case, it is extremely helpful to present the property to the buyer
<well-being> and to decorate it as a buyer imagines living-atmosphere.


What does that mean?
Home staging literally means <to stage the house>. It is about presenting the property
from a pleasant side. The potential, which is in the property, should be used so that everyone could feel at home.
With simple means such as color, fabrics, decoration can often be achieved great effects
that increase the sense of living and thus also the saleability. It is not meant to hide
vulnerabilities or real repair and renovation needs, that is not the purpose or the goal. More and more people use home staging before selling their property. From the simplest exterior improvements to a completely new and unique design project.
The use of Home Staging reduces the sales time and has a positive effect on the final
price of the property.
The first impression counts - Many people have difficulty imagining a furnished empty
apartment. Various measures such as the purchase of new furniture, the use of light or
a new color concept serve to upgrade properties for sales preparation. Home staging
neutralizes the style of the previous owner. This will allow a wider range of buyers
to be addressed and make it easier to market the property. A prospective buyer decides
to visit a property when viewing photos of a property that appeal to him.
Various services are offered: Disposal / sorting out old furniture - Reduction of existing furniture is often already the beginning of a successful real estate presentation.
- Depending on the scope of furniture is also rented, which may purchase a buyer to the property. We are happy to advise you personally, even at a local appointment. This service is free
of charge for you as part of our advice on object taking.


+34 952 797 402